Siamko Group is active as 4PL provider in Greece, and 3PL provider in Serbia. It is a name well recognized within the Balkan transportation market.

We offer first class services to our clients, including:

  • Complete transport organization
  • Full truck transportation
  • Partial (group) transportation


Our route includes all former Yugoslav Republic countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, as well as Greece Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, and Albania.

We operate with a wide range of suppliers, but also with our own fleet, including

  • stake body and tarpaulin
  • standard curtain side trailers – 120m3
  • mega curtain side trailers (3m hight)
  • frigo trailers

* All our vehicles have original ADR licensed truck drivers, as well as ADR equipment.

* All our trucks are insured with CMR, All risk A.

* We are in possession of CEMT licenses, as well.



Live tracking of transportation
of goods is provided to our clients.